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In today´s essay I am going to be writing and expressing my thoughts about the relationship that exists between the essay ¨ A Modest Proposal ¨  and the blues of justice and fairness. 
Before actually getting into topic I am going to clarify the definition os these two very important values. Justice: is the quality of being just , righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness.

Fairness: the quality of treating people equally or in a way that is right or reasonable , it is also the quality of making judgments that are free from discrimination. Now that this two values have been explain we can see that they are really similar , the both have the same intentions and they are really important. Every person in the world should be just and fair , this leads me to the topic at hand that is the relationship of these to values with a modest proposal. These essay was written by Jonathan Swift the man that made the proposal in Ireland in times of needs. Ireland went trough a really rough patch a long time ago , they were suffering of overpopulation , economic and social crisis and to make it all worst they did not have any resources , and all the money that entered to the country was sent to England. When Jonathan Swift saw all of these happening to his country , he made a not so modest and really impolite proposal. He basically propuse that all the children of the poor once they get to one year old were killed and sold in the market to anyone that had the money , he thought that way the overpopulation will be over and the economic crisis will finally be gone. First os all is not fair that the children were paying for all that was happening during that time , they were not at fault of what was happening. It was not fair or just that Jonathan saw the women of the time as breeders just to see their own child get killed once he or she was old enough, it is not fair or just that only the rich people of the time will be able to benefit from this proposal and their children could not be touched. It is not fair or just that the poor people had to go through the pain of losing their children form something that was not for them. I think it is fair to say that Jonathan swift was a person that had little to no values , it was also not right or fair for him to be doing this proposal since he never in his life had have children of his own , so he would never be able to know the pain all that parents were feeling at the thought of losing their son of daughter. Jonathan Swift was a person that was not in his right state of mind he was definitely crazy. I think that thanks to all the reasons listed below is clear that in the essay there was none  of the values of justice and fairness , in the contrary is a super unfair story.

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018


Today in this essay I am going to state the relationship between the diaries of Samuel Pepys and the values of trustworthiness and thankfulness , but before comparing is very important to state the meaning of these two values. Trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful and thankfulness is the feeling of expressing gratitud or being appreciative toward something or someone. 

Now that those meanings are clear , I am going to write about how I think this values are precent in the story. As we all now the author of the story is Samuel Pepys himself ,he wrote this diary during time of crisis in London.
When Samuel Pepys was born he had everything he needed and more , he was born into a very wealthy family and he never needed anything or had to work for a thing in his life , after he finished college he was immediately sent to London to be the state secretary , he was always a business man and he was always surrounded by money. When I started readying the story I notice that at first I did not see any of these values precent , I did see a little gratitude from Samuel Pepys but always because of things involving social status an example of this is how grateful he was that he was present in the coronation of the new king , but he was never grateful towards the things he had.

There is a part of the story were we can see these values present , this is during the great fire of London and not from Pepys himself , but from the people that lived in the town that were grateful that they survived ,and they shared a lot of trust between all the citizens in the city.

We know that Samuel Pepys is not trustworthy , because even though he was married he always was fooling around with a lot of women , and having continuous affairs. And is pretty clear that you can’t trust a cheater.

By the end of the story Pepys started to go down , all his business were broken , he did not have any money and that is when he started to be grateful of all the things he had and all the people he had around that actually trusted him. But even though he ¨ changed ¨ I still think he is a person that has zero of those two very important values , because a person full of values is always appreciative and humble. And he started to do that in times of need and that is not right.

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2018


Before talking about what qualities each individual of this world needs to have to make this earth a much better one , i am going to clarify some simple concepts and differences.

What is a virtue?
A virtue is a trait or quality that is deemed to be moral good and  is valued as a foundation of principal and good moral being. Or in more simpler words is being morally excellent and is something good in all aspect. Examples of virtues are honor , courage , loyalty , compassion , respect , honesty , prudence , grace and there are a lot much more. 
In order to be a virtuous , we need to be able to understand what is good and what is evil.

Now the difference between a virtue and a value is that a virtue describes the characteristics of a person individually while values is the reason or the culture standards of what is good and correct.

Now why are virtues such a necessity and are so important that they are needed in everyone to make a change in the world possible . Virtues is a mode of being upon with everything you do in your life , depending on your virtues , how many of them you have , how much of each do you have , it changes the way you understand the world ,the way you understand and get to know yourself , the way you understand people and you act with them ,
Or if you simply fail at all of that . But most importantly the virtues you have play a big role in realizing what is your true mission.

Your virtues have a major connection with being , in this time or era we , the people , tend to be more materialistic than what we really should , we think that are problems are because we are suffering because we do not have this or because we are not getting what we want how we want it and in a easy way . We assume that our fundamental elements of being is the material thing we have. Where in reality our fundamental elements of being is nothing material , our fundamental elements of being are the emotions , the greats , the motivation , the vision we have in life and all that together goes had to hand with virtues.

Now why are virtues important , this is a pretty easy question to answer because from my point of view virtues are the base of what you are today , because thanks to this characteristics or traits is that you are able to be you and flourish in a way , they are what leads you to values , your values leads you to knowing how to act , and actions spending on what way you chose leads you to the future of your life . Virtues are important because if you   are a virtuous person then you are able to stand your own action , you are able to stand by what you say and your own actions. Being virtuous means that you are a person who understands the real truth of what is wrong or right and will not allowed yourself to be oppressed. People who live by a higher moral standard will not allow themselves to be manipulated , to be overlook ,people who live by a higher moral standard will never hide their own truth , they will stand by their principals , and act on them , they will never act if they think is wrong. 

And that is why we need virtuous people to change the world , because I this generation or this era we are tending to care more and more about ourselves and the materialistic things. That we don’t actually see the bigger picture. We don’t see that there is a world out there that is rotting overtime and we are just standing there and doing nothing , because we don’t care. That is why there is a very little amount of virtuous people that see what’s happening and are trying to make a change . But in a world of over 7 billion people , we need more than jus a little amount to change it. We all or the majority have to work together so that the changes we need are made , and we have to make action now because everyday it gets worst. So if we are taking of which qualities we need to make the world a better place , we need them all we need to be honorable , compassionate , we need to learn hoy to forgive and we need to cooperate with each other. Because fighting for ourselves is not the answer of the actitud this world needs

lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018


Once upon a time in the small town of Lübeck , there was this happy soon to be family. there was the mother , the father and because they lived in a farm , they were living with a lot of animals , something that a bright them a lot of joy and happiness. the wife was already nine months pregnant ,she was having two identical twins , both of them girls. the only wished the parents had for there little girls was for them to be happy and surrounded by beautiful animal and nature. the girls were born in a very hectic night during a thunderstorm , they couldn't make it to the hospital in time son the husband had to deliver them. everything turned out smoothly , there two little girls had arrived and they were surrounded by this big and happy aura. this happiness lasted until the twins turned 17. they began to notice the attitude change that Ashley had towards her sister Kara . I mean they saw it before but they just thought that they were petty little games between sisters , they thought everything was going to change once they grew up , but sadly things never changed. they began to notice how Ashley would do things to purposely harm her sister and they things she did were no joke. she would try to physically harm her and they tried to stop her , but she simply didn't stop. the parents were both flabbergasted the didn't understand why would Ashley do all that to her sister that did nothing back to her she was actually really sweat , she was a really lovely girl that loves everything and everyone , even her mean sister , and for her nature was everything. This lasted until they were all really grown up , they were already married , they ad kids , jobs , and they were both happily married. but Ashley still hated her sister. She hated her so much that she killed her one and only child . This made Kara turned into something unrecognizable she one night magically disappeared , she ran into the woods and nobody her from her in months. Ashley was finally happy she had all to her self she didn't had the better sister around she was now the center of attention. But this didn't last long , a year after all of this happened Ashley was attacked in her own house by her sister Kara , but now she was so different and most importantly now she was followed by the animals , she had the control of all the animals and nature around her , and she order them to kill Ashley for all that she had done to her. Now it is said that to every extra mean girl or boy in Lübeck that has done a lot of bad things , the girl followed by the animals will come out of the woods and she will haver her animals attack that person and make them endure a very painful death. that is why you always have to be good because kara , the girl followed by animals will be watching.

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018


Today in this essay I am going to talk about three things. These things are my country Colombia , where I am currently living being the city of Barranquilla and last but not least my neighborhood. I like when I have to talk or write about my country or city because it helps me expand my knowledge of where I live and every time I find very interesting things. That make proud of being Colombian and barranquillera one hundred percent at heart.

Colombia , officially known as Republica de Colombia ,is a country located in South America , it is a very rich country in Many ways. We have a lot of minerals , a whole lot of ethnicities ,  we have a very historical story and a very diverse and happy culture. We are a democratic country that really takes into account the voice of the population. We are a multicultural country and a multilingual country , spanish is the oficial language of the country , but the political constitution also protects and use the original language of the tribe or ethnicity depending on the territory. Colombia is country located in the tropic with costs with the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean , we also have a great variety of climates and diverse landscapes , thanks to the six completely different region that conform our country. These regions are Amazónica , Caribe, where I live, Orinoquía , Andina and the Insular. Thanks to these regions , Colombia is a very rich country in vegetation and wildlife. Colombia is also a very touristic country , if you are interested in history , vegetation , animals , beaches and a lot more.  Colombia is a great place for all of that. We have 32 departments which are run by a governor and each city is run by a mayor and all the country’s ruling depends on the president. So all tose mayors and governors have to go to a process of election just as the president , but they have a lot of less power and they have to present everything they do to be seen by the mayor government league. The last fact that I am going to give is that Colombia is also a very festive country , each department has it’s own festivity and that is what makes it all great of Colombia. That there are so many traditions and culture within that create one whole that is the country in general. I am really happy of being Colombian.

Barranquilla is the capital of the Atlantico , which is the capital of the region Caribe. Barranquilla is a Avery important city thanks to it’s geographical location. Barranquilla is connected to one of the most important if not the most important rivers of Colombia , El Rio Magdalena, and it is also very important because of the proximity the city borders have to the Caribbean sea. At the beginning Barranquilla was absolutely nothing it was something like a community of 200 people living near the river in a urban space , the people of before were characterize as very artesian and merchant people. Throughout history Barranquilla went from nothing to the capital of the Atlanticó. Barranquilla is also known as the golden gate of Colombia thanks to proximity to the sea and river and also because of it’s mayor development in the economic and cultural area. Barranquilla is a pretty amazing city filled with happiness and culture , recently barranquilla went through a lot of changes thanks to the mayor Alex Char that renewed a lot of important places and created really pretty new one to become even a much better city , and become an example to the other cities in Colombia.

My neighborhood , I live in a apartment complex in Altos de Rimar in the Northern part of barranquilla , there are a lot of different neighborhoods near by , but I think mine is the best because is close to everything , is very calm , there is no loud parties or rude neighbors and we have a pretty big green space that is el boulevard de Buenavista . I really love where I live and compare to a lot of neighborhoods mine is one of the most calm and more secure one

miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2018


My name is Valerie Camacho , I was born in Barranquilla , January 13 of 2001 at 10:30 am. I am a Capricorn I don't really believe in the horoscope , but I read it sometimes. I am studying in the Lyndon B. Johnson School , have been studying in that same school for almost all my life , exactly fourteen years , from stem to now that I am in senior year , I have a lot of great memories from the school that I am going to miss dearly , like all the events , some teachers that were really great to my and obviously all my friends. I hope to be a veterinarian one day and at the same time have a business degree so that I can expand my mom's legacy , her business that she built from the ground and I want to expand it , and make it all better . If being a veterinarian does not work out ,  I hope that I can study in the area of medicine and business or if not just business. I like dancing , shopping , love being with animals , I love fashion and a lot of more stuff . I don't like ignorant people , I don't like posh people . I really love traveling , I kind of do it a lot since I have a amazing aunt , that gifted me the pleasure of traveling , but one things that I am really staring to not like is the plane ride , I really don't like those . I really like traveling on cars or buses. I think that it gives you a totally different perspective and helps you appreciate the city or country you rein even more. I am on my senior year and I am really excited to close these school chapter and start a new even more mature one and hopefully I will succeed.

sábado, 28 de abril de 2018


In today’s essay , I am going to explain and talk about gender discrimination at work places , but I am going to center specifically in discrimination against women at work places and why some jobs or companies reject them. Before getting in deep into this topic we have to define what is a women , and also explain since when this discrimination has been happening , and also explain some terms or concepts that are very important when talking about this , and also Explain a little bit of why some men think that they are better than women or why they feel like they can do more things that women can. And that is a lie , cause we as humans beings have the same capacities , no matter the gender.

Now what is a woman? 
A woman is a female human being. That is what is stabled by the dictionary , and as we can see nowhere in that definition says “ female human being with less capacity or with lower intellectual” because that is not true , we have the same capacity that a man has , and we also have and deserve the same rights and respect that a man has. Because being a woman does not mean you are less than anyone. What is machismo? Machismo is the strong or aggressive masculine pride. And lastly but not less important when talking about this topic is sexism. What is Sexism? Sexism is the prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. Now why are all these concepts important? Because they are basically the main problem when talking about discrimination against women in any type of field , not just working field , all the other fields that we in these world are surrounded by enter in these discrimination too. 

Let’s go back a little bit. All these started a very long time ago when civilization was just starting. Since the start women where always the lower class , they where there just to take care of the children , the men and to reproduce , and as bad as that sounds is the truth of before. As the years went by women started getting tired of how badly and lowly they were treated and they started fighting for their rights and to be treated correctly. The truth is that things did change a lot since the beginnings of civilization , because now men and people in general notice the importance of women , and they notice all the hard work that we as women pull through in a daily basis. And I am not a feminist , because i do thing that we all deserve the same rights no matter the gender , but i do think that women are pretty important in these world.

In work places or fields where women discrimination is mostly present are science , technology , mathematics , engineering , politics and places like the army or the country’s national police.
Why these happens mostly in these areas? because people in enterprises or companies see women lowly , they see us as if we are not enough and that is one of the majors problems.
There are very big problems for women when looking for a job or even when they already have a job. These problems are: 
For a women it will be so much harder get a job in a company , than it is for a men. These happens when a woman and a man get a job interview in the same company , but the woman has so much more good qualities than the man , sometime it won’t matter and they will give the job to the man , just because of the gender.
A woman will earn much less than a man. Even when the woman and the man , both have the same charge and work in the same company and area , the man will earn sometimes a little bit more or a lot more. But it will always be more for the men kind.
A woman will never be promoted as easily as a man , and all because of the gender,
Women don’t get second chances sometimes. In occasions a woman screw ups once and she is already out and just because the gender , even though a man has already made a lot more of mistakes.
Women don’t get credit when is due. Sometimes a woman is the mastermind behind a great hit , but the one getting the credit is the man , not the woman and all because the gender.

These and a lot more problems women faced , and just because of the gender. I am thankful to say that in these century we live in these problems have been reduced, and women are getting the respects and rights they deserve. But at the same time these problem is not fully eradicated just yet. And the only way of having these problem out is by having all the people in the world see the right that we as women deserve. And just women , all of us  have the same rights and deserve the same respect.